My designs are created to be worn while pregnant, held during labor and a necessity for every woman passing through the changes of life. A unique gift for every one...wife, daughter, sister and friend. The gem stones that truly keep on giving from generation to generation.

A little magic never hurts.

Lapis Babylet

Price: $50.00
  • Many, many years ago midwives encouraged pregnant women to wear Lapis around their left arm or thigh to ensure a healthy baby.
  • This bracelet is a composed of Lapis, Hematite and Fluorite.
  • Magnetic clasps allow 2 bracelets to become a necklace.
  • When you reach your due date, stop wearing this bracelet and do not take it to the hospital with you. It is now time for your Rock A Baby Pouch or Stef's Stones.

Rock A Baby Pouch 4Barb

Price: $30.00
  • This pouch contains polished stones to be held during childbirth. For hundreds of years, midwives believed that certain stones were magic and protective for mother and child in the miraculous act of birth....perhaps thru life.
  • Hold them tightly during labor, safely keep them in the baby's room for protection and pass them from generation to generation.
  • These stones worked for me. Someday I hope to give them to my daughter-in-law. Please read about me.

Stef's Stones

  • An exquisite collection of jasper, turquoise, jade, carnelian and agate to name a few of the gem stones creating this necklace. Each piece is individually knotted and uniquely designed.
  • Hold these stones during your labor. Wrap them around your arm or wear them around your neck and most importantly BELIEVE in their power during your labor! These are the stones that centuries ago mothers wore or held during labor to comfort themselves and their babies during the miraculous act of birth.
  • Available in two sizes: 36 to 40 inches $170.00 and
  • 41 to 50 inches $240.00

Bak'n Baby Rock

Available in gold or silver coils with red, blue or pink cords.
Price: $13.00

  • Once upon a time, midwives and pregnant women believed that Magnetite would keep a baby within the womb, thus preventing miscarriage. Keep this stone on or near you until your due date has arrived, then put it far away.
  • Don't forget your Stef's Stones for your labor

Winn's Lace

Price: $120.00

  • This necklace is made of chipped tourmaline, citrine, amethyst, and quartz, I have also included pink opals, chrysoprase and lepidiolite.
  • Opal and tourmaline encourage a positive attitude as well as enhancing self acceptance.
  • Citrine is a happy and generous stone and promotes concentration and reduces depression by balancing one's emotions.
  • Chrysoprase relaxes and aids with sleep while encouraging a sense of security to its wearer. Sleep with this necklace next to your bed at night
  • This necklace helps balance and center a woman experiencing the change of life.
  • Can be worn around the neck, wrist or ankle.